I've always loved to draw...

...pretty much as long as I can remember. It wasn't until college, though, that I realized I wanted to say something with my artwork. So, I started making comics. And even though I'm sort of a grown-up now, I haven't really stopped. You can take a look by scrolling down.

Ten Years
Ongoing since June 2014

My current project eating away at any spare moment I can find: An exploration of both time and place, told through (semi) fictionalized versions of myself. In particular, I'm interested in how culture and environment may have shaped me, specifically through the evolving landscapes of two different locales: urban Los Angeles (my current home), and the rural/suburban San Jacinto Valley (where I grew up).

30: My Year in Downtown LA
June 2012 - June 2013

Two days after my 30th birthday I packed up and moved from suburbia to Downtown Los Angeles, with the goal of chronicling my new urban life via a series of daily vignettes. The result: One year's worth of entries (361 in 366 days!) creating some kind of diary-comic-blog-hybrid that is "frustrating, weird, and amazing, often all at once—[the] perfect representation of life in LA." (A devoted fan's words, not mine.)

Mark: An LSD Saga Told in 16 Parts
June 2011 - November 2011

A college-bred fascination with religion and Christian mythology culminated in this: a retelling of the book of Mark, set in the Southern California desert during the LSD-laced 1970s, in the context of a reimagined U.S. history. Sadly, I only ever finished Chapter 1 (of 16), and doubt this project will ever be resurrected (pun intended), however I'm still excited that I tried my hand at creating an actual fictional world.

Why I Hate Orange County, California
January 2010 - June 2010

My first finished project in four years took the form of this 24-page rant that I labeled a "Graphic Essay". (Did I coin that term?) Stemming from a lifetime spent in the bowels of suburban Southern California, I felt it was my artistic duty to shine a hyperbolic spotlight on the sharp cultural and socioeconomic divides that exist in the picture-perfect OC. Note: Orange County residents don't really call it "The OC".

12 Easy Steps for Breaking Up
January 2006

Getting dumped is rough—especially your first time. I didn't handle it poorly (no screaming or punching or obsessive stalking), but I could've done better (Hello, black hole of self-pity!). My remedy? Funneling my emotion into a creative, introspective analysis of the relationship. However, I somehow wound up with this one-sided, superficial comic. Subsequent adjectives attributed to the author: jerk, asshole, and psychotic!

Senior Thesis
March 2005

Wrapping up my Fine Art degree put me into a bit of a panic, as I was forced to come up with some sort of monumental thesis project that would inspire and enlighten all who set eyes upon it. Never before had I suffered such a severe case of artist's block (delaying my graduation seemed quite possible). That is, until I had the ingenious last-minute idea to do a meta-thesis about how hard creating a thesis really is. I'm brilliant!

Turn on the Fun
December 2002

A college digital art instructor was the first to suggest I redirect my efforts from Batman and Mortal Kombat toward something a bit more personal, resulting in this 4 page comic set on the sales floor of a big-box electronics retailer. Some 18 months later, that retailer fired me (and a lawsuit was threatened) for "participating in activities that conflict with the interests of Best Buy [anonymous company I won't name]".